Four-Year-Old Sessions
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

5 Day Session (Monday thru Friday)

 Three-Year-Old Sessions
9:00 to 11:30 AM

Wednesday and Friday
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Children should wear simple, washable clothing. Please label all clothing that will be removed.  Footwear should be appropriate for indoor and outdoor play.

School Health

Field Trips

Lunch Bunch


C l a s s e s

Children showing signs of a communicable disease should not come to school. Please report any such illness so the teachers may caution other parents. If a child becomes ill during school, the teacher will call the parent.

In case of an accident, the school reserves the right to take the child to a local hospital if the parents and/or the child’s personal physician cannot be reached.

All four-year-old classes will take field trips throughout the school year. Parents will be asked to assist with those trips. Before a child may participate, parents must sign permission forms.

Students are invited to join a Lunch Bunch held monthly from October through May. This group meets after class until 1 PM to share a story, craft and lunch together. This program provides parents with a larger block of time to schedule needed appointments or to meet other obligations. There is a fee of $8 plus a bagged lunch must be supplied by the parents for their student. 

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Children must be brought to the classroom doors and picked up there. This is for your child’s safety. Please do not bring your children earlier than five minutes before school starts and remember to pick him or her up promptly when classes are over. 

Charlton Preschool does not assume any responsibility for the transportation of children to and from school. Parents may be able to arrange car pools. If your child is not in a car pool and you have asked another adult to pick up your child, please state your permission in writing.